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LTHS Class of '60 40th Reunion
Pictures Below

"The reunion was a real high and the best of all the previous LT , college and graduate school ones that I have attended. I think it was because we had reached age 57, are pretty mellow, and have such interesting stories to tell. I found myself so fascinated listening to what people had to say not only  because the stories were interesting, but also because everyone enjoyed telling their stories - and people enjoyed hearing what I had to say. There clearly was much of that at previous reunions, but nowhere near as much as at our 40th."

"Thanks to everyone who put on the reunion. It was great -- certainly the best I have been to including college and graduate school reunions."

"It was just so wonderful to hear all of the great stories from so many people. I hesitate to mention any names for fear of leaving some out, but it was great to hear about Ken and Wicky Woertheins' work to reduce prejudice, about Margay Whitlock's new career, and about Dick Parker's great excitement with his banjo group, Red Beans and Rice."

"Thanks again for all your work. I appreciate it and know how fortunate I am to have a group like you all to create these wonderful events for us."

"Thank you for all the work you did to make the reunion weekend so enjoyable. I was so glad that you walked around to each table and had people identify themselves. It saved me searching needlessly for a couple folks who didnít show up and helped me find some I hadnít discovered yet. It was a fun time and I appreciate all the work done ahead of time to make it run smoothly"

"I want to say how much I enjoyed myself at our 40th high school reunion. I think I almost had more fun at this one than at the 25th. Maybe because it was a smaller group and you could mix with more people in the smaller crowd. Does that make sense?"

"This reunion was much different than the 25th. I had a "wild and crazy" time back then -- I think I danced just about every fast dance there was. This time we relived some wonderful warm times and then moved on to our lives after high school and La Grange."

"At this reunion I spent a lot of time with people I did not know as well, but came away with a very warm and satisfying feeling of having become better friends".

"It was great renewing our friendship because of the e-mail address list"

"Do you agree that the old distinctions seem to have broken down, and now those of us from all interest areas enjoy talking with others and catching up on their lives -- brains, athletes, greasers, drama folks, journalists, musicians, etc?"





"Pals since 1952....."

Paul Shoener, Donna Weller Boston, and
 John Shankland

FR4764.jpg (25578 bytes)
Jay Crawford, Jean Smutny, Sue David,
Mike Monti, and Frank Van Aelst

FR4773.jpg (19305 bytes)
John Polacek

FR4772.jpg (25129 bytes)
Jay Tressler

FR4776.jpg (25498 bytes)
Mike Stack and Barbara Viera

FR4781.jpg (23995 bytes)
Bob Haydock,???, Rich Suda,???,Karen Qwake

 "Mo" Molander, Dick Parker, and 
Donna Weller Boston

  John Shankland and Li Chen

FR4769.jpg (21952 bytes)
Kip and Cheri Pohl

FR4778.jpg (24608 bytes)
Barbara Viera, Judy Norris, Nancy Ely,

Vicki Hernandez, and  Marjorie Anderson

FR4780.jpg (25594 bytes)
Mike Monti, Alan Benedeck, Phyllis Gilpin,
Frank Van Aelst, and Hank Trenkle

FR4783.jpg (26077 bytes)
Ed and Sally Atkinson, Dale Deason, Chuck and
Carol Richner Liedtke

FR4777.jpg (23778 bytes)
Barbara Viera, Joe Innes, Terry Johnson, and
Marjorie Anderson