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The 45th Reunion held October 8th through the 10th, 2004, was another smashing success. John Polacek knows how to throw a party! It was a pleasure being back at the William Tell. Friday's cocktail party was a time for reminiscing and catching up with old friends. Saturday during the day was filled with activities including the homecoming football game. Saturday night was a family style dinner and a little dancing. While the DJ played a great mix of 50's music, many were still interested in talking the night away. Sundays brunch was highlighted by the fact that those that attended were reluctant to leave. 

In addition, There were a couple of grade school reunions that were very successful. We received a very warm welcome during the tours of the buildings and in some cases brought into the class rooms an introduced to the students. We are going to try to make this a bigger part of of the 50th reunion.

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Lucky John

John and the gals.jpg (597631 bytes)

Sue Slivka Johnson, Sue Tlapa Sprouse, Terry Hengels Giocomelli, Roanne Goldman Landau, John Shankland, 
Dianne Castle Mullins, Sally (Sara) Sawyer Bodlak, Gayle Eggers Putman


Unless otherwise noted, these Photos were submitted by Ronne Goldman


0860100-R1-011-4.jpg (1564573 bytes)

Gayle,Barb,Vicky,Roanne.JPG (111477 bytes)

Mike Hirsley, Sally Sawyer Bodlak, Bert Jacobs
Photo submitted by Sally Sawyer

Gayle Eggers Putman, Barb Viera Pearlman,
 Vicky Churchill Kilgore, Roanne Goldman Landau

Group Friday nite 2.jpg (648870 bytes)

Highlanders Sat nite.jpg (572049 bytes)
Gayle Eggers Putman, Lou Cerrone, Alan Benedeck,
 Donna Bielby, Rufus Stoy, John Muench, 
Sue Slivka Johnson, Paul Shoener, Sue Tlapa Sprouse, 
Don Garrison
Dick Monger, Mike Stack, Sue Tlapa Sprouse,
 Rona Stelter Pazelli, Larry Stokes, Jane Phillips Brooks,
 George Lacina, Roanne Goldman Landau, Wayne Thomas,
 Gayle Eggers Putman, Don Garrison, and John Muench
John and group at the Corral.jpg (732855 bytes) John and the gals 2.jpg (732424 bytes)
John Beintema, Hank Trenkle, John Polacek,
 Vicky Churchill Kilgore, Frank Van Aelst, Dave Beckwith, 
John Shankland, Conrad Pier
Gayle Eggers Putman, Sue Tlapa Sprouse, John Shankland,
 Sue Slivka Johnson, Barbara Viera Pearlman, 
Terry Hengels Giocomelli, Diane Castle Mullins
Guys at the Corral.jpg (677939 bytes) Lindley and Joe.jpg (505059 bytes)
John Muench, Dick Monger, Lou Cerrone, 
Don Bezek, Mike Stack, Don Garrison, 
Dick Parker, and seated: Larry Stokes
Lindley McEwen D'Ouville and Joe D'Ouville
Nell and Ron.jpg (661457 bytes) Keith and Bobbie.JPG (753476 bytes)
Nell Croft Grant and Ron Sheeley Barbara Stiles and Keith Johnstone
Frank and Sandy Stoltz Bautista and Diane Sterba Grant.jpg (664584 bytes) Sandy Klock Cody and Bill Cody.jpg (733939 bytes)
Frank and Sandy Stoltz Bautista and Diane Sterba Grant Sandy Klock Cody and Bill Cody
Tom and Marj Goodloe.jpg (641654 bytes) Mike Monti, Frank Van Aelst, Vicky Churchill.jpg (714416 bytes)
Tom and Marjorie Anderson Goodloe,
Bill and Melinda Breymeyer

Mike Monti, Frank Van Aelst, Vicky Churchill Kilgore

Don Garrison, Mike Stack, Dick Monger.jpg (686266 bytes) John Berend, Joe Innes 2.jpg (715705 bytes)
Don Garrison, Mike Stack, Dick Monger
John Berend, Joe Innes

Paul Shoener and John Shankland.jpg (350023 bytes)

"To the non-attendees:
The entire weekend was very pleasant and I heard no arguments. 
Very enjoyable and looking forward to the next. 
Thanks John and all that put forth the effort!"

                        ..Don Bezek

Paul Shoener, John Shankland

I too want to express my thanks to John  P,  John S, and everyone else who worked on the reunion.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to get back in touch with so many of our classmates.

When I walked into the dinner Saturday night I knew that there were 150 very interesting people in the room that I was connected with in a very important way.  I am only sorry that there was not time to visit with more people.

I look forward to seeing many of you again in five years if not before."
                        ..Doug Wade


Don Heinrichs, James Dunlevy, Jean Smutny Heinrichs, Ann Messick Dunlevy.jpg (693916 bytes)

Don Heinrichs, James Dunlevy, Jean Smutny Heinrichs,
Ann Messick Dunlevy


The following photos were contributed by Donna Weller Boston

Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 002.jpg (1999543 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 003.jpg (2089928 bytes)
Paul Shoener, Doug O'Shell Joe D'Ouville, Ken Worhtwien
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 006.jpg (2121895 bytes)
Sandy Pflager, Dave Beckwith, Diane Sterba Grant
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 008.jpg (2119834 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 009.jpg (1988081 bytes)
 Frank Van Aelst, Vicky Churchill Kilgore, John Bietema Paul Shoener, Donna Weller Boston
Rona Stelter Pazeili and Gene Pazeili
Laidlaw School   8 Oct 2004 005.jpg (2173342 bytes)  

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!  We owe a great big thanks to Sue Slivka Johnson for the yummy Hawaiian treats she provided at her expense for our desert at the Saturday dinner. She's a lady with all of the right spirit.
Thanks Sue....................."
                        ..Paul Shoener

The only reunion I attended was the 10th...35 years ago!!!!
My husband, David, and I really enjoyed this one.  Thanks for all
you and John P. did to make it such a success.

                        ,,,,, Sally Sawyer Bodlak

"All I can say is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!! :-)"
                        ..Sandy Stoltz Bautista


Donna Weller Boston, John Shankland,
Bob and Sue Slivka Johnson
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 029.jpg (2129154 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 010.jpg (1993895 bytes)
Bob Marsh and Wicky Willmore Worthwein Doug O'Shell, Hank Trenkle, Vicky Churchill
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 012.jpg (2185522 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 016.jpg (2179079 bytes)
Sarah (Daughter) and Richard Parker, Mike and Cherie Stack Mary Lou and Conrad Pier, Nancy Ely Kochanski and Tony
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 017.jpg (2207246 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 019.jpg (1992870 bytes)
Char Tetik Ekroth, Doug Wade, Mayo and Myra Walcott Joe Berend, David Hunt
Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 031.jpg (2118253 bytes) Dinner Dance  9 Oct 2004 037.jpg (2145977 bytes)
Barbara Longjohn Stanton, Lou Cerrone, Margay Jo Whitlock Margay Whitlock and John Beintema

Dick Parker contributed these photos.

photo.JPG (72931 bytes) sat24.JPG (171399 bytes)
Roanne Goldman, Gayle Eggers, Donna Bilby, Sue Tlapa, 
John Muench, Larry Stokes and Dick Monger 
Barb Viera and John Muench
"Yeah, thanks, Sue! With macadamia nuts for treats the reunion was just about complete! We could have used at least two more academia nuts (Graves and Janicki), but we did have Stack.

I enjoyed seeing everyone, wish I'd had a chance to visit more with some but was surprised and delighted to catch up with old photo buddy Jack Beller and the long-lost Mayo Walcott, whose parents were good friends of mine from the 1940s in St. Paul on through the '60s in LaGrange -- and meet the wives of both those guys. And I was tickled that my whole famdamily showed up for an hour or so and met some of you.

The 50th is right around the corner! Cheers!"
                        ..Dick Parker


beck.JPG (110336 bytes)

Jay Crawford and Dave Beckwith

dougjohn.JPG (81658 bytes) leo1.JPG (154563 bytes)
Doug Wade and John Polacek Lee and Bob Marsh
leo2.JPG (199739 bytes)
Lee Bucksten and Robert Marsh John Polacek, OUR LEADER!

sat23.JPG (145167 bytes)

Joe and Lindley


Lou Cerrone and Sally Sawyer

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