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n. pl. e·phem·er·a (-r-)
1. A short-lived thing.
2. ephemera Printed matter of passing interest

A partial collection of some of the ephemera and memorabilia created between 1956 and 1960 at LTHS. There must be much more and we would like to post it here.

Remember you can click on these to get a larger picture.



Student Activity Pass
Lunch Pass 66 Drive in with Heater Coral Parking 25th Reunion  
Silhouettes of September
Coral Show 1959 Track Meet Dance Rush N Ramble Dance  
Business Card
Small Felt Banner   Favor circa? 35th Reunion A list of some of the events
Golden Point Hat
  McDonalds Hat Out of my Dreams Bid Prom Bid

Honor Study Hall

  Homecoming game our 25th Xmas Concert 1956 Our Heros
Class Card Circa?