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Congress Park
Forest Road
McClure JRHS
*McClure 7th
*Grand Ave
Oak School
St Cletus
St Johns Luth
St Francis
Seventh Ave
*Spring Ave
Other Groups


Ideal School
IWest 58th St
Countryside, IL




8th Grade



















Carole Whiting, Russell Dobson, Phyllis Gilpin, Dick Campbell, Vernon Brown, Melvin Lynch, Judy Zeitler, Lucille Lueck, Dorothy Weselman, Miles Sharpless, Gerry Hodsdon, Carol Molzahn,  Ed Stepanek, Roy Skotty, Lee Benesh, George Koziarch, Jim Barber, Marty Eiserman, Jim Ingram, Larry Robb, and Bob Mance.


7th Grade

  Melvin Lynch, Russell Dobson, George Kerins, Judy Zeitler, Lucille Lueck, Emma Scarborough, Larry Robb, Vernon Brown, Jim Barber, Dorothy Weselman, Gerry Hodsdon, Lee Benesh, Carol Molzahn, Marty Eiserman, Roy Skotty, Billy Brahan, Phyllis Gilpin, George Koziarch.  Standing in back are Miles Sharpless, Ed Stepanik, and ????.

Thanks to Gerry Hodsdon