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John Laidlaw K-6
4072 Forest Ave
Western Springs, IL

Laidlaw opened in 1949 with the class of 1954 starting in 2nd grade. Students already in the school system had been attending Grand Ave School. Some (or all) of the Grand Ave students had the option of continuing at Grand Ave or going to Laidlaw.

Students graduating from the 6th grade attended
McClure Jr High School.




6th Grade Mr Lewis

(Thanks to Paul Shoener)

4th Grade Mrs Stanley

(Thanks to John Shankland)


3rd Grade Mrs Taylor Back of 3rd Grade
6th Grade Mr Lewis

Slumber Party

I believe these snapshots came from Julie Rheem 5 years ago. Just rediscovered them. Sorry!


Edna Anderson Paul Shoener Hank Trenkle Sue Slivka
Grace Johnston Fred Landefeld Gayle Eggars Dan Baldwin
John Shankland Melissa Monson Julie Rheem James Eden-Kilgour
Donna Weller Don Griffith Sally Mott Anne Perry
Jim Weller Sue Owens Joy Angier?  


LTHS 50th Reunion Oct 2009/John Laidlaw 6th Grade