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Chicago, Illinois


Not to outdone by Bill and Sandy KLOCK Cody John Shankland sent in this photo of himself and John Polacek. John states that this photo was taken some time ago at a Scottish charity function that he attended as John's guest.  



John Berend's Planes

1998 Piper Seneca V:
Manufactured in Vero Beach, Florida by The New Piper Aircraft Company. Powered by two Continental 220hp engines, turbocharged and intercooled. Capable of 190 mph with a range of 4 3/4 hours, at a fuel burn rate of approximately 30 gallons per hour. Carries a crew of 1 or 2, with 4 or 5 passengers, at flight levels up to 25000 feet. I have flown this airplane throughout the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, US Virgins and the West Indies as far south as Barbados. In addition, this past summer we took a trip through NW Canada and Alaska.

1946 Piper J-3 Cub:
Manufactured in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in 1946 by The Piper Aircraft Company. Powered by a 65hp Continental engine, capable of speeds up to 75 mph. It holds 12 gallons of gasoline and burns 4 gallons per hour. It carries 1 crew and 1 passenger. It has been restored to its' original condition with a fuselage of steel tubing, wings of spruce and a Dacron cloth covering material which has been painted factory original color, Cub Yellow. More pilots have learned how to fly in this model airplane than any other airplane in the world. We fly this for Saturday or Sunday breakfast outings and air shows.

1980 Berend/Hatz CB-1:
This aircraft was built from engineering drawings during a 5 year period in my garage and basement. The fuselage is welded steel tubing; the wings are constructed with built up spruce wing ribs supported by spruce spars (woodworking experience thanks to Mr William Gooch @ LT Woodshop). The framework is covered with a Dacron material, the thickness of a handkerchief, shrunk to the tautness of a drum with an iron or heat gun, then painted with urethane enamel. The aircraft is powered with a 100hp Continental engine and can attain speeds up to 85mph. It carries a crew of 1 and 1 passenger. The airplane is fully aerobatic and can do loops and rolls with ease. The airplane is certified by the FAA in the Experimental category(custom built airplane). The aircraft has won many show awards over the years, to include the International Experimental Aircraft Associations "Lindy" Award, Teledyne Continentals Best Engine Installation Award and first place at the Mid Eastern Regional Fly In. We fly this airplane to shows, light aerobatic demonstrations and Sunday afternoon cruises.

1928 TravelAir D4000:
This airplane was built by The TravelAir Company in Wichita, Kansas in 1928. The company was owned by Walter Beech (later of Beechcraft Aircraft fame), Clyde Cessna (later of Cessna Aircraft fame and Floyd Stearman (later of Stearman Aircraft fame). This airplane is referred to as a "speedwing" and is rather fast for an airplane of 1928 vintage, 100mph. It is powered by a 235hp Wright Whirlwind engine (Wright (Bros) Aircraft Engine Co) and burns 14 gallons of fuel per hour. The fuselage is constructed of steel tubing, wings of built up spruce ribs on spruce spars, and the entire cover material of cotton with an aircraft dope paint. Carries a crew of 1 and up to 2 passengers in the bench type front cockpit seat. The airplane is museum quality and has won awards in many shows. We fly this airplanes for fun and thrills of nostalgic flying.



Alaska Trip-2003
John and Margie Berend

2003 Alaska trip with group of 12 other airplanes. Was guided by Dale Henman, Lets Fly Alaska Services, out of Puyallup, Washington. Margie (Goding-LT63) and I left our farm in Plain City, Ohio, on July 22 and flew to Aspen, CO to visit her son. 

Departed Aspen/Vail for a visit with family friends in Idaho Falls, ID and then on to Missoula, MT to meet up with one of Margie's old buddies. Departed Missoula westward to Puyallup, WA where we met our friends (Flying Rotarians from Dublin, OH) to finalize preparations for our trip thru Canada and Alaska. We departed Puyallup on July 28 and proceeded to Abbotsford, BC-Quesnel, BC-Watson Lake, YT-Whitehorse,YT. Departing Whitehorse northwestward to Fairbanks, AK-Talkeenia, AK-Anchorage, AK-Valdez, AK-Yakutat, AK-Ketchikan, AK returning to Puyallup on August 8. 

We stayed a day or two at most of the points visited. Since we were on the west coast, we flew to the San Francisco area (Livermore) by way of Eugene, WA for a short visit with Margie's daughter. We departed for home by way of Provo, UT and Des Moines, IA. Great trip for a total of 7000 plus miles and 61 hours cockpit time. Glaciers, wildlife, scenery were spectacular, especially from our vantage point which at times was only 50-100 feet from our wingtip. .....John Berend



Summer, 2003

Pete and Gayle Eggers Putman

No trip to Alaska is complete without a trek through an icescape on the Mendenhall Glacier! My husband, Pete, and I enjoyed a long-anticipated cruise and land tour of our 49th state in July 2003. It was an even more pleasurable experience for us Floridians to "enjoy" snow and ice and some cool temperatures for a change!
.....Gayle Eggers Putman

Pete and Gayle EGGERS Putman
in helmets, harnesses, boots w/crampons, wielding pick axes climbing throug a cave in Alaska.


Pete and Gayle on the Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau after a helicopter ride, and drop off, for a rigorous trek on very slippery, rugged terrain.



Little Rock, Arkansas
John Graves and His Students
Anti-War Peace Rally and March
March, 2003

Professor John Graves and his students

Alexandria, Virginia
September, 2003
Judy Torres Hall and Doug Wade

Here is a picture of Judy Torres Hall and me taken at the marriage enrichment workshop that she and her husband Jim conducted on September 13. It was the first time that Judy and I had seen each other since we graduated. Judy and I grew up just a few blocks apart and went to Oak School together. A few years ago Jim conducted the funeral service for Bonnie Glick.
.....Doug Wade

Judy Torres Hall and Doug Wade

Palo Alto, California
May 2003
Donna Weller Boston, Lou Slebos, and Sandy Stoltz Bautista

Here is a photo taken when Sandy, Lou, and I met at Stanford Mall near Stanford University. Sandy was in town with her husband, Frank, to attend her stepson's graduation from Stanford Law School. Lou and Sandy were friends in college and have kept in touch. Lou lives in nearby Los Gatos, California. We had a wonderful visit over brunch. We talked and talked and talked...and showed pictures of grandchildren and talked some more. The poor waiter thought we were never going to leave.
....Donna Weller Boston

Donna Weller Boston, Lou Slebos McIntyre, and Sandy Stoltz Bautista

San Francisco, California
December 2002
Sara Bodlak (Sally Sawyer) and Donna Weller Boston

Here is a photo of Donna Weller Boston and me, Sara (Sally Sawyer) Bodlak, when she and I got together at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco last Christmas.
...Sally Sawyer (Sara Bodlak)

Sara (Sally Sawyer) Bodlak and Donna Weller Boston

Clear Lake, Indiana
Summer, 2003
Rob and Char TETIK Ekroth

We have had a summer home in Clear Lake for about 20 years. All three of our kids have grown up learning about boats, water sports, and the joys and responsibilities of second homes (well water, septic fields, bats in the home, boats not working, how to water ski, tube, swim, sail, put in and take out piers, make friends, etc. etc. Every year we have a "family meeting" when the kids pick weekends for themselves and their friends to enjoy the lake without the Fossils being around. They learn to cut the grass, leave gas in the boat, and beer in the 'frig or Dad gets irritated. Everyone enjoys it and everyone accepted the responsibility that goes along with it. Having access to a home on a lake is something that I grew up with and it's nice to pass that along to our kids who all really seem to enjoy it.

More interesting news, Char and I became grandparents for the first time last Thursday (Sept 4). Our oldest, Debbie, gave birth to twins, Conner and Ashley, with both babies weighing in at over 6 lbs (Deb is only slightly larger than Char). Everyone is doing fine and the babies come home from the hospital today. Everyone is playfully accusing Deb and Erik, her husband, of planning this so they don't have to go the the lake to help take out the pier. Gramps has given them a pass this fall, but they will be expected to help open the home next spring. After sending three kids through college, I may never retire!
.....Rob and Char TETIK Ekroth


Char TETIK Ekroth
So..., that's what they do
for summer fun!!!


Rob Ekroth
Both of them still in great shape
and fine form!!!

Oburnberg, Germany
July, 2003
Doug Wade and Terry Johnson

Here are a few pictures from a trip to Germany to visit Terry and Inga Johnson. He lives in Oburnberg which is a small town near Aschaffenburg. Terry and Inga spent three days driving us around the areas to a wine festival; a boat trip on the Main; visits to Wurzburg, where Inga grew up and he currently works, and to Rothenburg, as well as several other locations. After three days, we took the train to Paris where we visited with some neighbors who are working there for the summer.
.....Doug and Meredith Wade

Meredith and Doug Wade in front of Mespelbrunn ("the water castle")


Doug Wade, Terry and Inga Johnson in Rothenburg, Germany

Inga and Terry Johnson are on the deck of a boat from Miltenburg to Wertheim.


The hunting lodge near Aschaffenburg, Germany was built by a local baron and is called the water castle because of a moat surrounding it.


Washington, DC
August, 2003
Doug Wade and Mike Stack

13th Annual Skokie Festival of Cultures
Bill and Sandy KLOCK Cody
May 2003

Here is a new "Scottish" type photo of my husband Bill and me at the 13th Annual Skokie Festival of Cultures in May of this year. We're on the planning committee for the festival eight months of the year, then have a Scotland booth for the two days of the festival, and also put on a Scottish country dance performance with our demo team one of those days -- then we collapse for about a week!!
.....Sandy KLOCK Cody