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We have been posting a lot of photos on this website of individuals or groups of individuals. As these things go, not all of the photos catch you in a complimentary pose. 

I invite you to send me your favorite photograph of yourself at any age or circumstance. Take an old photo and scan it at work or Kinkos. Email it to me and I will post it here. I would put up two if you care to send them. I need an approximate date, and short description. See the examples below. 



johnfavr.jpg (488318 bytes) Paul Shoener-1988.jpg (73866 bytes)

Paul Shoener Circa 1988. Between jobs in California
John Shankland Circa 1973. On the beach in Jamaica
Len.jpg (63551 bytes)

Len Burman Circa 1960. "I don't remember the girl,
but I do remember the shirt".
banjo.jpg (111807 bytes)
Dick and Laurie (age 2) Parker 1980

flying1.jpg (1836356 bytes)

1st LT George Emerson Jones 1942-1967
"Rubbing" by Sandy Bautista

Rich Means 1959 Flying High

rkmcords.jpg (2616533 bytes)

Scan0011_0011.jpg (595402 bytes)

Rich Means 1972 Chords

Sally Sawyer 1972 California Dreaming

Anne-GrandCanyon.jpg (152380 bytes)

Donna-Anne.jpg (115443 bytes)

Donna Bielby and Anne Perry 1984 After the 25th Reunion at the Popcorn Shop. Submitted by Roanne Goldman.

Roanne Goldman Landau Early 70's After Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

SueTlapaPhotoSafari.jpg (75597 bytes)

Sue Talpa Sprouse Photo Safari

John Hattendorf Dec 1971.jpg (153964 bytes)
John Hattendorf after getting DPhil at Oxford Univ 21 July 1979.jpg (105293 bytes) John Hattendorf 1971
Vicky  cheering for Long Beach 1962.jpg (660585 bytes)
John Hattendorf 1979 Oxford University Vicki Churchill Cheerleading for Longbeach 1962

Smiling John

John and Carole Polacek Lake Tahoe NV


Hank Trenkle Submitted by Dick Parker

Bob and "Gigi" Schey Simmons. Submitted by John Shankland


Mike and Gretchen Monti

Ted Holz

In March of 1966, the Gemini 8 spacecraft went down in the Pacific due to problems with the electrical system. The spacecraft was brought back to Mayport Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL ( where this photo was taken). Another engineer and I went to Jax to remove all of the propellants from the spacecraft and make it safe. I couldn't resist getting inside and seeing what it was like (very tight when you're 6'-3"). Worked on Gemini, Apollo and Apollo-Souyez programs from 1965 thru 1977.

Bob Natzke 3 medal winner in Martial Arts.