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Oak School
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We have undertaken a project of obtaining all 7th or 8th Grade photos of our classmates. As you browse through these fascinating pictures remember that we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us with missing photos or names. While our goal was just 7th or 8th grade we are publishing lower grades if they are available. If the schools or pictures we have are not 7th or 8th grade they appear on the bottom of the menu to the left. *Schools are feeders to a Junior High.

You can click on all of the pictures to get a larger image. To return to the website click on your browser's back button or close the newly open window by clicking on the X in the right hand corner. Newer versions of IE have a feature of showing large photos in 2 sizes. When you click on the photo, if you see a photo that is approximately the same as the original then take your cursor off of the picture and put it back on. You will then see a button in the lower right corner. Clicking on that button will enlarge the photo to its maximum.

You can easily print any of these pictures by right clicking on the larger image. Great for recapturing that school photo you no longer have. Try using photo paper for an image of near the same quality as the original.

If you see the mouse icon to the right it indicates that some or all of the photos have names that can be seen by enlarging the photo per the instructions above and placing your cursor on the persons face. If this feature is not available for a particular photo and we have names they will be in chart form underneath.

If you have a photo that we need (see below) you can scan it or have it scanned and email it to me. Kinko's and others can do this for you for a small charge. If you prefer you can mail it to John Shankland and he will scan it and return it to you.

Please check your attic, old trunk, or with your parents. We can not get your school published unless YOU send us a photo!




Number of Students



Number of Schools (8th Grade) 11 9  


7th Ave   75  
Cossitt 104  
Highlands (2)   50  
McClure JR High (5)  125  
St Francis   85    
Oak   95   Grand Ave
St Cletus   50   Spring Ave
Ideal   22   Laidlaw
Lincoln   46   Franklin  
Forest Road 56      
Congress Park 45