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Flash!!! Gayle Eggers Putman wrote: I have been in Florida for 15 years and have two sons living close by. My younger son, Kevin, has been married 3 years, and Eric is getting married in October....still no grandchildren. My husband, Pete, and I have been married 18 years and love our life in Florida, except that we're still  working and not enjoying the leisure retirement lifestyle yet! I am sending a snapshot (on website under "Classmates Now") made during a family reunion in Rhode Island.  We had attended a 4-day family reunion and then traveled on to Nova Scotia for a week's vacation of sightseeing, whale watching, hiking and enjoying the friendly people and slower pace of life. It was like stepping back in time about 60 years. We also took the super-fast ferry from Yarmouth, NS to Bar Harbor, ME....it is a huge catamaran 300' long, holds 1,000 people and 250 cars and travels 60 mph across the North Atlantic. What a trip! We had time for a day of exploring in Acadia National Park, too, and just couldn't absorb all the beautiful scenery fast enough!



Flash!!! Larry Cox wrote: Still rolling with the punches after 27 years in the life insurance and related financial services industry, as a business writer and in marketing management. I've experienced 4 displacements in the last 15 years -- moving from LaGrange area to Dallas, TX  to Lancaster, PA to Fargo, ND area -- due to the convergence of the industry through rightsizing and mergers, and now work as a tele-commuter from my home in Lake Park, MN (about 40 miles east of Fargo, ND), for a life insurance company in Atlanta that is uprooting and moving to Denver. If you like change, this is the industry for you!

A few brag sheet items: last fall, just before the 40th Reunion, I received the F. L. "Gus" Cooper Award for Meritorious Service, the highest honor given by the national 67 year old Life Communicators Association, in which I have been an active leader for years. I also kicked off an industry award which I created -- the Donald F. Barnes Award for Public Service -- to honor insurance companies in three categories for their unseen and often unheralded work as good corporate citizens (sort of Malcolm Baldridge type awards). The first awards garnered considerable press and praise for the first three company winners. The three categories for awards are: Public Education or Information Programs; Charitable Sponsorship Programs; and Community Self-help partnership programs. More on www.lcaonline.org, including a picture of a fat guy in a tux receiving an award from a beautiful woman!

Married 36 years in April to Charlotte (Maine Township, '60), a fellow communicator and major gifts fund-raiser for public radio and TV, and have two grown, as yet unmarried daughters, Lauren, 29, and Allison, 26. Lauren is finishing a second degree, in Nursing, and temporarily back in the nest. Her first was a double major in Spanish and Music. After some stateside nursing experience, Lauren will enter the missionary field in Mexico. She's gone on yearly medical missions there for years. Allison works in benefits administration in a hospital in Brattleboro, VT, and enjoys the opportunities for outdoor activities in the wonderfully diverse New England states.

Country life is good -- we have a large home on an acre on a chain of lakes, in an area of 400 lakes in a 30 square mile area. Fishing, loons and bird watching are recent passions, along with reading and writing. I'm working on a book about my fishing adventures and misadventures here and abroad -- way too many near-death experiences on the waters, but being on water is compelling nevertheless. I have an extensive (and Charlotte will say "expensive") original loon art print and decoy collection; our family room is affectionately known as the "Loonararium"; loons somehow have become part of the warp and weave of my life as an outdoorsman. I've been involved in a loon rescue -- a great thrill for a birder to actually handle one of these primitive creatures -- and enjoy watching the pair on our lake raise their young.

Of course, for many of you who remember that I, and buddies Jay Allison and Phil Zane, were a bit wild growing up, perhaps the loon is a fitting soul-mate! However, regarding that wild youth, as Shakespeare aptly wrote: "The sun is brighter coming from behind a dark cloud."

The 40th reunion was terrific. Keep growing personally and professionally, Classmates. See you at the 45th! And, if you're in the northwestern Minnesota area, stop for a visit. Call 218-532-2164.

Flash!!!  Dick Drallmeier retired from the airlines and left La Grange for Eagle River WI.   He and his wife are running a Bed & Breakfast or a Resort.  If you are vacationing in the area, give him a call and make reservations at 715-479-3457.

Flash!!!  Bob Janicki wrote:  I left EMD-GMC after 20 years when they wanted me to transfer to Omaha, NE.  Hey, I've been to Omaha in each season of the year.  I expect God will someday send me there for all my worldly sins.  I just want to go there on my own accord ahead of HIS plan.  I've been teaching high school for over 10 years and the last 9 years have been in Special Education which seems to be my calling.  Actually I operate at their level so it was a "no brainer" to go in that direction in teaching.  Within Special Ed. I teach 2 sections of U.S. history and 2 sections of Civics and Economics.  I also have one period of counseling where I dispense behavioral consequences, adjust student class schedules, help students plan for their transition from school to work or continued education/training.  I was thinking of retiring at 60, but now, I'm thinking of 62.   I'm still having so much fun teaching, I really can't imagine doing anything else instead. Sue and I have been together for 7 years.  We tend to 4 dogs and shall we say "a lot" of house cats.  The exact number of cats is classified so as not to scare others into the belief that we are some of "those" kind of people. I would like to hear from any of our classmates who are interested in exchanging remembrances of times past back home.

Flash!!! Hank Trenkle wrote:  Here is the latest family news: My son is in pre-law at the University of Illinois-Champaign: and my daughter's synchronized ice skating team will represent the U.S. in Switzerland in March, 2000. My wife is the manager. My dog is 5 pounds overweight. How about news about you, Hank? Here are some health tips courtesy of Hank: 1)Don't look back, something might be gaining on you. 2)Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood. 3)Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on in society. 4)If your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts. 5) Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move.

Flash!!! Ginny Ross Reise wrote: I have moved from Ill. to Mich. to Indiana and now live in a St. Louis suburb called Creve Coeur (broken heart). I am an evangelist with the Indep Assemblies of God and work with three churches in St. Louis area one of which Kurt Warner MVP NFL (hey, we won the superbowl, guys, first time ever) and Isaac Bruce attend along with other players. We also live next door to two Rams and five doors down from Marshall Faulk. OK, so what does this mean to me? Not a whole lot as far as football goes but as I see God using people in all walks of life and I know that we were sent here to set up the first of five restoration centers for Christians who have been wounded by their own churches I get excited and am glad to be living in such a time as this......I have four sons, one daughter, and two grandchildren so far. Working for Jesus and His church is my passion. We have seen many miracles and experienced some ourselves. I hope that I get to meet with any of you and all of you. May our God richly bless you all and your families.  Look me up in your Tab and write me if you know me or want to.

Flash!!!  John Shankland is engaged to Li Chen.  Li is a marvelous gal.   Born and educated in China, she then went to Japan and learned to speak Japanese while getting a PH.D.  Now, she came to the US to work and is learning English.   Besides all of that, she is very attractive and has a great sense of humor.  Congratulations John!!!

Flash!!! Phil Zane wrote: Sorry I missed the 40th reunion.  I would have attended had I known.  I've been living in Northern California for the last 30 years, where I've been employed as an airline pilot, with three years to go until retirement.  I fly the San Francisco-Honolulu, Tahiti routes most of the time.   During Viet Nam, I flew in and out of Saigon, DaNang and Travis AFB, McCord AFB, Clark AFB, etc.  I'm still married to Roberta (Law), Class of '62.  I have two married children, a daughter in the Air Force (medical staff), now based in Texas, and a son, living within 30 minutes of  me in California, and three grandkids.  I am looking forward to retirement (mandatory at age 60 as a pilot) and NOT packing a suitcase anymore.  We will possibly move to Arizona for retirement.  I plan on keeping busy after retirement  from the airline by running a small telecommunications company I started eight years ago.

Jay Tressler wrote: After 32 years practicing law (civil litigation), I am looking forward to doing something different with my life.  What it will be remains to be seen!  For the next two - three years, I plan to stay engaged at my firm (Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess) where we offer our best efforts 12 hrs a day. Then I will likely take on ad hoc assignments as a mediator and spend free time with my wife, grandchildren and children.  We enjoy golf and travel and hope to do more of both in the years ahead.  I look forward to following the progress of my sons career in finance and my grandchildren's progress in school.  I would welcome cards or letters or e-mails from old friends from LTHS.

Jay Howell wrote: Nothing spectacular, just a wonderful life! Married to Kay Jones (class of '63), 3 grown children, 1 new grandchild.  We drove to Florida in the winter and Colorado in the summer.

Diane Barger Garrison wrote: My husband had a great idea to raise Christmas trees.  We are now working harder than we have ever worked in our lives.

Al Lammers wrote: Terminating my consultant business and taking on a statewide juvenile crime prevention project in California. We live on the Sacramento River and would welcome LTers to join us for some California wine and a sunset on the river when visiting the northern California region.

Bob Burdett wrote: I became the manager of the golf course in Boca Raton.  I was disappointed that I had to cancel plans to attend the 40th reunion.  Maybe next time.  I plan to retire in 2 or 3 years - travel, golf, birding, nature photography - perhaps a motor home.  All this could happen sooner if I win the lottery!

Ken Woerthwein wrote: Besides my active family practice of 7 doctors and 20 staff including meetings, this is what I do after hours that I really enjoy. 1) Governor of a gun/violence task force in York County. 2) Serve on executive committee of York Branch of NAACP, including Chairman of Health Committee 3)Belong to York Center of Peace 4) Belong to Doctors of the World and Amnesty Intl. I as, part of the Doctors of the World, perform exams on asylum seekers who claim they were tortured and forced to leave their country. Our affidavit of our physical findings helps them in the judicial process with the INS. 5) Talking with my wife Wicky, for long periods of time about all sorts of things. 6) Reading books on religion, science, peace and social justice. 7) Taking hour long walks, up and down hill along trails through a county park close to our home.

Lynn Hull Mikyska wrote: My husband, Glenn (LT'58) was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. If anyone has any input on esophageal cancer and recovery, I'd be very interested in any information they would like to share.

Carol Schoof Bergner wrote: I am the admission secretary for a private elementary school.  My family is very important to me and I guess our lives always revolved around our 2 daughters.  My oldest daughter, Suzanne, was a teacher and named "Teacher of the Year" for her county.  In April she had a baby girl, Jane, and is now enjoying being a full time Mom.  My other daughter, Lisa, works for a children's clothing manufacturer and I am very lucky that we all live in a 10 minute radius.

Alan Benedeck wrote: Retiring after a 26 year career at Allstate and starting my own consulting business.  My newest challenge is a two year consulting assignment for the chairman of the board of Illinois Tool, Inc (ITW).  He will serve as general chairman for the 2000 Chicago area United Way campaign and I'll be responsible for coordinating the $100 million dollar campaign.  The pride of my life is having two healthy sons and five grandchildren.  They keep you young.

Carolyn Martin Argust wrote: La Grange and La Grange Park looked very good - housing stock well maintained.  Frank Lloyd Wright houses and surrounding area very appealing.  La Grange has a commercial area that looks viable - even a still functioning movie theater on La Grange Rd.  North Campus tour was impressive.   Public education is very unequal in this country. L.T. represents the high end of the spectrum.  Interesting quote: a 1960 grad asked the homecoming court why they weren't dressed up.  Answer: "It's the 90s, who wants to dress up."

Sue Tlapa Sprouse wrote: I'd enjoy hearing from any former classmates who plan to come to southern California for a visit. There' so much to see and do in San Diego. I moved to the beach about 5 years ago to do some rollerblading, swimming, boogie boarding, biking, walking and watching for the "green flash" at sunset. Work took too much time away from my play time so 2 years ago I retired from 30 years of teaching the 3 R's and got a part-time job at the local racetrack where I teach adults "exotic betting" in the skyboxes, also known as the partyrooms. Life is great.

Janet Gray Welter wrote: I'm trying to keep fit and keep upper body strength and flexibility. It takes longer now! Ha!! My mother is 88 on Jan1, 2000. She looks so pretty - colors her hair and wears heels to San Francisco. She has been so careful about her diet even though she has lived alone for 40 years. I see the value of diet and exercise at any age, but if we let it go at 50, it is very hard work to get it back. Since I'm a small person, I have to work harder as my bones aren't as strong any more. We can prevent a miserable old age experience by taking time in our 50's to deep fit and flexible.  It is never too late to start a fun exercise program. My Dad began walking 2 miles a day at 65. He lived to be 85 and was very healthy all those years.  Happy New Lease on Life!  Happy, Healthy New Year too....

Wicky Willmore Woerthwein wrote: A few years ago I became interested in mediation and was originally trained in dispute settlements, but then I discovered Victim-Offender Mediation and Restoration Justice. And so I have focused on that with juveniles through the Juvenile Probation Department. (continued on another page ...)
INS and Asylum Seekers:  The last few years I have worked with asylum seekers - mostly women from Africa but also from China and Arab countries. Our county prison has become the largest INS Detention facility on the east coast. People escaping from other nations are held in U.S. prisons - some for years. For me, it was a very educational but emotionally draining experience. (continued on another page...)

Sandra Lassota Snyder wrote: We're spending the summers in the White Mountains of northern Arizona traveling and golfing as much as we can and kicking back the rest of the time.

Bert Jacobs wrote: Having experienced both the mountaintops and valleys of corporate America - and traveling extensively throughout North America while living in Florida, Ohio, Texas and Illinois - I feel very fortunate to be able to direct our national business from good old La Grange.  My son, Jay, has been my business partner for ten years now.  Together, we orchestrate our little "empire", dealing with over one hundred art galleries across the country - in addition to trying to run our own gallery in downtown
La Grange.

Greta "Gay" Champney wrote: Arkansas is a beautiful state - come visit! Let's all  keep in touch via e-mail, snail mail, and the web site!!

Sue Ross Morrissey wrote: When we returned from our trip back east October 12 we had an offer on our house and in about 5 weeks we bought a brand new home and are moved in!  This is a first for us, everything shiny and new.  I never want to deal with cardboard boxes again! It was great seeing everybody.  The committee did a fantastic job!!

Lee Slocum wrote: My wife and I are still partners in a software consulting business.  Retirement is probably a long way off.  We drink a lot of coffee and keep coding.

Leonard Cavender wrote:  I have two granddaughters who graduated this year, 40 years after I graduated from L.T.  My oldest daughter Cindy turns 40 years old this year.  My youngest daughter is 5 years old and started kindergarten this year - so I'm starting over.

Mary Minier Eichholz wrote: My "baby" turned 31 years old this year.   All of my kids are great and all but one live in the area.  Bill and I are both retired and are always on the go.  We're planning a month long trip to the west coast in the spring, after we recuperate from our trip to Florida during January 2000.   We are busy trying to find a 1959 Chev. Impala for old times.  Life is great.   Wish I could have attended the reunion.

Judith Fletcher Wallace wrote: Traveling 100,000 miles/year yet being able to hang out with the family.  Nothing else now, but I'll enjoy hearing about others!

Marcia Jane Phillips Brooks wrote: Being widowed and re-inventing a new life for myself.  Building winter home (and future retirement home) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ron Scott wrote: Have 2 sons, age 30 and 28.  Ron Jr. married and English girl - no kids yet - he has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Jon is still single, has a degree in chemical engineering and P.E.  We retired and moved to South Carolina.   Built my own house on Lake Keowee, the prettiest lake in South Carolina.

Nancy Ely Dvorak wrote: I met Tony years after I was widowed.  We dated 7 years and now share our families and a beautiful home in Darien.  Life is beautiful!

Susan Ryder Cull wrote:  Becoming a wedding coordinator for our church - and finding out that I enjoy redecoration projects - after taking on a 100 year old hunting club with ten bedrooms, assorted baths, many huge spiders and dead and live mice including ever problem/challenge imaginable! And it is done! Now to our house. I encourage everyone to learn something new every decade (handbells in my 40's;snorkeling in my 50's; and ?? ahead)

Bonny Pierce Lhotka wrote:  Please take a look at my web site: www.lhotka.com   It tells all about my passion in life!

Carol Huebner Mulder wrote: We retired and moved to Naples, Florida.   Retirement is great!

Celeste Dahl Thurlwell wrote: We just toured Alaska this summer.  It was a great experience!  Also purchased a newer and bigger camper and a heavier tow vehicle so we can continue to travel USA and Canada with the grandkids in tow later on.  Also able to spend one week in the Dominican Republic over New Year's.  Weather was great; people very friendly.  We learned a lot about third world countries.

Karen Kwaje Graham wrote: I'm a nurse in Family Practice.  I work about 25 hours per week (semi-retired). I love my profession.  I'm a caregiver to my aging parents and my 16 year old Lassa Apso (the joy of my life). I'm very happy to be divorced and free.  I love film noir and collect old 1930s,1940s classic films.  I love the history channel.  I've read every book on the Kennedy assassination and now I'm reading extensively about World War II. 

Dick Parker wrote: Besides Red Beans and Rice, I also play with the Mouldy Figs, led and founded by Jim Field, a guy from Western Springs who's a year younger than us.  He went to McClure Jr. High and would have been in the LT class of '61 except that his family moved to the Park Ridge area.  Another member of the Figs is/was clarinetist Kim Cusack, LT class of '56 and older brother of Joyce Cusack, '59, whom some of you might remember.  Kim has moved back to the Chicago area but I talked to him when he was in town a couple weeks ago.  He and Joyce also were on the Lion staff.  He reminisced a little about Bill Tomicki, a trumpet player and Lion editor in '59 (? - I'd have to check the Tab) who, he said, has prospered later in life.

Dave Baxter wrote: I have just celebrated my 20th anniversary of opening my office for family practice medicine here in South Bend, Indiana. In addition, I have worked as an emergency department physician and have served as preceptor for our Family Practice Residency Training program. Sonnie, who works as a certified surgical technician, and I were married in 1991 and are enjoying our empty nest. Between us we have six kids and are proud to say they are all educated and have jobs and do not live at home (although we welcome holiday visits). We enjoy long weekends in southern Indiana and are looking forward to a winter vacation in southern Texas. We both attended the reunion in 1989 where we met many friends from high school and even grade school (Seventh Avenue School) and were sorry to miss the 40th reunion. I am an avid Emailer, though, and hope to hear from many of you. Dave and Sonnie Baxter. dwbdo@aol.com

Special thanks to Doug Wade for sending this news:
Dick Parker, who filled the Tab and Lion with his wonderful pictures, continues with the newspaper business at the Minneapolis Tribune, but not in photography. He is activity pursing his hobby of banjo playing with his group, Red Beans and Rice. On Saturday night he played a few songs for us and left us all wanting to go to Minneapolis to hear him again.

Jean Smutny has recently retired from a career as a school librarian in Alexandria, Virginia. She is enjoying visiting her two sons and their families in Alaska and Kentucky.

Hank Trenkle proved to us that we are never too old for vigorous exercise by continuing to play full court basketball at least twice a week with players half our age.

Bob Natzke impressed us all when he appeared at The Corral with his letter sweater. It looked just the way it did 40 years ago. He has recently retired from the US Marshall service and now has a total fitness service in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Sue David Kingsley continues her art career in Carmel, California working principally now in metalugery(?). She is preparing for a show next summer.

Ken and Wicky Wilmore Woerthein live in Jacobus, Pennsylvania where Ken has a Family Practice. A few years ago Wicky wrote an article for Redbook magazine about the Three Mile Island accident which is now appearing in school textbooks. They have raised three adopted bi-racial children in addition to their daughter and are active in teaching prejudice reduction in the schools.

Doug Wade lives in Alexandria, Virginia and commutes across the Potomac River to do financial comptroller type work for the Federal government and spends as much free time as possible playing tennis.

Wayne and Judy Clime Thomas live in La Grange where Judy recently retired as Director of Youth Education for the Methodist Church. Their two daughters and families live close by.

Terry Johnson has lived in Germany for many years. He and his wife own a company which provides support services such as VCR rental and film developing to military personnel. After the reunion he stopped in Northern Virginia to visit his sister who graduated from LT two years after we did. While he was there he had a mini -reunion with Doug Wade and Dick Blomstrann.

Gay Champney Fugit is an as assistant property manager for a large commercial complex where she is in charge of keeping track of the rental payments and overall finances. In November 1998 she lost her husband of 35 years to Lou Gerig's disease. This reunion was Gay's first.

In addition to running an outstanding reunion every five years John Polacek maintains a very active dental practice in La Grange Park. In addition, he has served for several years on the School Board and is the first LT graduate to serve as its Chairman. During his tenure the Board began several successful steps to increase school spirit.

Rob and Charmaine Tetik Ekroth live in Western Springs and Rob commutes to Hinsdale where he has a law practice. Char continues her newspaper career by covering local news in Western Springs and Hinsdale.

Nancy Chambers Kinney, '61 but adopted by the class of 60, continues her active roll in the life of La Grange. She recently ran for the Illinois Senate, but lost a close election when she because the victim of some very unfair personal attacks.

Chuck and Carol Richner Liedtke live in Joliet where Chuck is a middle school physical education teacher keeping wayward budding adolescents in line. They reconnected at our 25th reunion and restarted a romance which began in 7th grade at Oak School.

Joe Innes continues his dental practice in California. At the 25th reunion he watched a parent parade with the 50th reunion class.

Bob Ferguson left his 20 year career at a veterinarian and now is comptroller for a construction company. How is that for a career change?

Help! Please send more news (landau@cox.net).